Brockley Physiotherapy


Conditions treated

Brockley PhysiotherapyBack and neck pain, with or without sciatica or slipped disc
Injuries to joints
Injuries to ligaments and muscle
Work related conditions and injuries
Sprains and strains
Whiplash injuries
Arthritis and rheumatism
Sports related/training related injuries and accidents.
Arthritic joints
Orthopaedic conditions
Post Operative care, for example knee replacement and spinal surgery
Rheumatological conditions
Postural problems
Pre-season condition and advice

treatment Methods

Manipulation of joints; quick, small movements which can be useful in releasing stiff joints and inducing relaxation in muscle.

Soft tissue manipulation and massage; releasing tension in skin and muscle or helping to release tightness in ligaments.

Joint mobilisation and stretching; gentle or firm movements to isolated joints, designed to induce relaxation and pain relief or stretch them.

Electrotherapy; using for example high frequency sound waves to stimulate repair of injured soft tissues such as ankle sprains.

Core stability exercises; to regain the muscle activity which gives support to the trunk when we move any body part. This is often lost after injury.

General cardio-vascular and strength training advice.

Rehabilitation; which is specifically designed to regain or develop the particular functional goals your condition is holding back, for example climbing a ladder or throwing a javelin.

Advice, postural correction, suggestions on adaptations, where your body is not capable or designed to fit into its surroundings, for example doing DIY when you have a deformed joint.

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